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According to the latest figures, 150 people are confirmed to have been killed in the sinking ferry Sewol. South Korean media reported that when found, the bodies of so many students had broken fingers and toes. This shows that the child was trying desperately to find a way out before being engulfed.

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Dear young students under the see…
Dear children trapped in the sunken ship…
Dear young students under the dark sea…
Dear young students under the cold sea…
Dear children…


Dear young students under the see…
Dear children trapped in the sunken ship…
Dear young students under the dark sea…
Dear young students under the cold sea…
Dear children…

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-The Sewol is listed at 146 meters long and with a gross tonnage of almost 7,000 tons

-3 company sent a cranes and one of it is samsung (despite rumor say he will lost 90billions for it)

-78 Ansan Danwon  High School student were rescued but 164 is total number on board.

-no one was save overnight as report this morning

IN BRIEF: A passenger ferry capsized and sank of the coast of South Korea today with more than 470 passengers on board. So far 28 casualties have been confirmed, 179 people have been rescued, and 268 people are still missing.

*** All times are Korean time ***

12.41pm: The death toll has now risen to 28 and the ferry has disappeared from view, possibly suggesting that existing air pockets inside the ferry have collapsed.

12.18pm: The potential death toll in the Sewol ferry disaster is 296, significantly higher than the 239 people on board the disappeared Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

12.12pm: There are conflicting reports as to whether divers have already entered the Sewol ferry. the newest say non of the diver ever enter the hull

how long will they hold up?? 

i hope the airlock system is function so there is high chance for more survivor in airpocket.

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Assignment: Do not die, must be back. #PrayForSouthKorea

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hyosung gummy smile

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swaggin’ to the maximum.

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to know that people are fighting for their life and im sitting here and just crying breaks my heart. to not be able to help them.. im sincerely sorry for that.

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Captain of Sewol ship apologizes to passengers and victims’ families
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The following are images from the Sewol Disaster that occurred on the 16th of April, 2014. Most of those aboard were graduating from high school and were on a trip to commemorate on Jeju Island. There are currently 25 confirmed dead, 271 missing, and 179 rescued. These stats are changing rapidly;…

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excuse the language but 

stop making the motherfucking exo fandom looking mother fucking worse as it already is

exo fan or not, have some mother fuckin respect. people died. I can’t even image how the survivors feel right now. It’s such a traumatic event. i mean, even that last comment seems so fucking fake tryna make exo fans look bad. how do you guys have the time to start even more hate. and even more fandom wars. do you think this is funny? no. get a fucking life. why would you even make time in your boring ass life to even make such disrespecting comments and pretend that you’re an exo fan. go fucking save a kitten or some shit gotdamn. do something better to the world. how do you have that hate inside you to make you this way. go see a mother fucking therapist for your hatred mind.
Second of all. Why does that first comment have “thumbs up?” Yeah I don’t even want to fuckin begin. so some other EXO fans/nonfans agree with that comment? Wait really? This tragedy shouldn’t be considered a joke in the first place.

im so sick and tired of dumb ass people trying to make other fandoms look bad. And even to their own fandom. Grow up.

It’s amazing actually how only one ferry sank and all entertainment schedule stopped they postponed it. It shows how solid they are as a nation, and please show some humanity the fuck is wrong with you people? Some of those people are children, old people, maybe the same age as you. How will you feel if you’re in their place? Do you want people to care, to pray, to help and comfort your family. Or you want people to not care and just go party and release a goddamn album and let you die. And come on people fanwars? Really? You’re going to make exo look bad again? They’re already labeled as one of the bands with the worst fandom, are you really going to make that worse? Look here okay it’s just an album.. Bash me all you want but let me say this, they are just albums, video musics, songs, some of them are already leaked and it can all wait. What you can’t wait is peoples lives the stake of their lives.. What will you do is your parents, or your friend or somebody that you love is trapped in the ferry? You will be worried but then you see all of this people not caring and just want some freakin mv to be release. I’m not going to say anything else but please realize and respect.

Btw I complained only because of those comments. Fake or not go fuck yourself.
Fanwars are stupid. The idols them self don’t even fucking hate each other.


As a korean, I am very disappointed at the international fans that are complaining over this matter. It’s doesnt matter if you’re an exo fan or not. This is a great deal in my country.  We as koreans are joining together to grieve over the loss of our people. How dare you disrespect my country. Who are you to mock our loss. The entire entertainment industries in korea put a hault in their activities for a reason. Exo, Block B, A pink, and many more idols pushed back their comebacks because we as fellow Koreans are grieving over the loss of our people.  This is a huge fucking deal. The fucking ignorance some people have is just unbelievable.

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how to sign like park chanyeol

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how to sign like park chanyeol

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